Friday, July 1, 2011

I read this (???)

Time period hazy. Let's go with, like, May through now. 

Suite Scarlett - Maureen Johnson
Scarlett Fever - Maureen Johnson

Generally, I don't love the YA. It's hard to discriminate against an entire genre, but really? I'm not old enough yet to have gotten tired of absorbing things made for adults; books that have cursing and drugs and sex and all of that useless shit. This sounds stupid, what with me pushing 30. I realize. Maybe it's my vehemence towards The Baby Machine and how any number of people that I used to really like now kind of suck because they had babies and it made them unbearable. OK. Tangent. Anyway! 

These are good! They are not as good as 13 Little Blue Envelopes, but they're still good. They are light, fun, and ask nothing of you and still manage to be engaging. Having gone to high school in NYC, they have maybe a special resonance with me. Anyway, read them! 

The Gunslinger (Dark Tower, Book I) - Stephen King

I know I just said that I was done with SK. I lied. He is like the guiltiest of all of my pleasures. And there's so fucking much of it - I've been reading this guy's shit since I was like 8 years old, and I still haven't got through half of it. I tried reading this one years and years ago, but pretty much abandoned it after the first five pages. This is slow-going, you guys. And cerebral. And kind of uh? I don't know. I didn't hate it or particularly like it. It was like a school assignment. I basically forced myself through it because apparently the later books in the series have a sick payoff. Here's hoping. I downloaded the second book but have only just started it, so I guess we'll see. I kind of feel like if you haven't already read this series, there's little chance you want to.

Skeleton Crew - Stephen King

I told you it was a guilty pleasure. I got this book for free at a flea market. It was marked $0.50, and they dude was like "yeah take it." This was like six months ago, and it sat buried under the mountain of unopened mail that is my dining room table. Obviously, I found it, and it made for a great bathroom book (what? like you don't have bathroom books?). It's a book of short stories, which really, this dude knows how to do. It's got The Mist in it, which I skipped because I read it standalone, and The Raft, which if you've ever seen Creepshow 2 about a million times (like I have), you are familar with that one as well. And the one about the hitman who swallows a cat that was in Tales From The Darkside. There's a lot of old pals in this one, is what I'm saying. 

War For The Oaks - Emma Bull

It's good-ish. It's got fae in it, and rock and roll, and has given me the phrase "Phouka, please" which I have absolutely worked into my vocabulary. It's a little dated, but not offensively so, and goes on a bit longer than I think it needs to  - but it's first novel, and a damn good show of one at that. Read it? If you like. I won't kill your family if you don't.

Dessert FourPlay: Sweet Quartets from a Four-Star Pastry Chef- Johnny Iuzzini

Yes, it's technically a cookbook, and yes, Iuzzini is a douchebag. This is still an amazing fucking display of pastry work, and it totally took me a week to read it, so I say it counts. And if you care at all about fine dining desserts and presentation, you should take a look. I mean, beet parfait. Seriously.

Cry Wolf (Alpha & Omega, Book 1) - Patricia Briggs
Hunting Ground (Alpha & Omega, Book 2) - Patricia Briggs

WEREWOLVES. Yes, more werewolves. But well written werewolves (alliteration like whoa), which is refreshing as hell. The covers will fucking embarrass the shit out of you if you have them in public, so best get the Kindle versions or, like, a book cozy. There's some crossover with the Mercy Thompson series, which I kind of love (the series, not the crossover - not that I hate the crossover, just ... you get it). If you've read that and like it, then you should read these. I'm not real rabid about suggesting them - ultimately, they're fluff, but I mean, show me a book that's about fucking werewolves that is not fluff. Fluff is good! But let's call a spade a spade, here.

I might be forgetting some. It's been a rough week. I have a few things on my dance card ... and I know you're eagerly awaiting the review of AB:VH Book 8: Blue Moon. I sure can't wait to write it! I'm driving very small nails into my forehead with anticipation. I'll get there. I haven't read Hit List yet, because my public library has a waiting list (WHAT THE FUCK), but you know, I'm sure it's the worst thing ever written.

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