Thursday, February 24, 2011

I read this (Jan/Feb 2011)

I am stealing Jae's format, because it's good.

List of books I've read and will not be giving the full recap treatment (on in the case of the ABVH books, not anytime soon), just ... because. And I know February is not done yet, but I've got a pretty busy next four days, so let's assume I'm not going to be finishing anything on my reading list.

 - Books 9 through 19 of the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series.
They were all shit. ALL TEN OF THEM. Some I minded very slightly less than others, but the difference is pretty much negligible. Thanks for ruining my life, LKH.

- Just After Sunset, by Stephen King.
It was OK. Not my favorite group of short stories by him, and a couple that were downright snooze-fests. The last King book I read was Duma Key, which I bloody loved, and a lot of these had the same kind of setting (isolated island town in the Florida Keys), but ... I think his best stuff has that whole New England thing going for it.

Funny, yes. Fall off the chair and die funny? Not quite. If you know nothing of this book, it's an interpretation of Aesop's Fables, but like ... in Sedaris vision. All the main characters are animals, and they say some fucked up shit. It's of course highly quotable (on owls, "It's not that they were stupid. They were actively against knowledge.") You can read the book in about 40 minutes cover-to-cover, so pick it up to have over Sunday breakfast or something.

- Life From Scratch (Melissa Ford)
Um? It wasn't the worst thing I've ever read. It's a Lifetime movie in book form. It would probably give Oprah wet dreams. It's kind of like Julie & Julia meets Eat Pray Love and manages to somehow not completely choke on it's own saccharine estrogen. But hey. It was free.


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  2. Hopefully Millenium Series will cleanse away LKH. But then there are all those True Blood books just waiting for you. Aaawww Sookie now!